JULY BREAKFAST. How to grow your business
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Yamba Chamber of Commerce has been forming working groups based on what was prioritised in the consultation survey. 2 that are on fire – “Online working group” and “Funding working group”. They are in the incubator stages and we have had some amazing people step forward. 3 of them will be speaking at July 30th Breakfast @ YHA 7-9am


TOPIC 1 – Targeting the right kind of visitor Shannon Sullivan

Yamba as a collective. Attracting the right kind of people to Yamba, at the right time.
Direct Marketing. Targeting visitors, out of season, with high expenditure, staying multiple nights.

Shannon knows Yamba well, she understands what we need and who we are. Online direct marketing is a way to find, follow and attract people we want to come to Yamba and when.

As a collective we can spend less and get more. Shannon has put together some packages for “visit Yamba” campaigns 3 months at a time over a year. She will show you how crazy creepy the technology is that can, pin point and attract the people that allow for a more stable and profitable yearly local economy. There are lots of tips and tricks that you can do yourself. Come to Shannon’s boot camps to learn more. Shannon will be a massive asset to the “Online working group”

Key Account Executive
55 Fitzroy Street Grafton NSW 2460
T +61 2 6643 0506 M +61 409 317 875
E Shannon.Sullivan@dailyexaminer.com.au
W NewsCorpAustralia.com

TOPIC 2 – Free business support from someone who gets business Courtney Tune

Free workshops, speakers, access to resources and personalised support, funded for 3 years to help your business.

Courtney is running Entrepreneur Program and Entrepreneurship Facilitator Services. He has been supporting small businesses, has been in a variety of industries and understands common traits of successful business and the challenges of coastal, country towns. We want to fit in with you. When do you want it? What do you need? Courtney is a great asset to Yamba and we are lucky to have him, we need to share him with a large area and he is being very generous. He will be an integral in the “Online working group” and “Funding working group”. Ex Economic Development Manager at Coffs Council

Courtney can help you put in place strategies, goal setting etc to make the most of the direct marketing campaign with Shannon. He can help you capitalise on online media in his workshops, running every couple of months over the next 12 months. With specialist speakers to cover topic like Social Media and Marketing, Sales and Selling, Customer Journey Mapping etc etc.

Courtney Tune
0481 167 555

TOPIC 3 – Getting and spending government money. Why are we scared to take it? Adam Gordon

YDCC has a team of people ready to help you get the money, report and support you through the process. Interested? We can let you know when you can access government money. Federal, state, local… the money is coming from everywhere. You would be surprised what you have access to.

With Yamba Chamber of Commerce new “Funding working group”, we will make it easier for you. Adam has joined the team and will keep in touch about what is out there for you.

Grants are a competitive process. You too can set yourself apart from your competition by bringing in an experienced writer and trainer who can assist you improve how you evaluate, plan and write your grant responses. Responses which are persuasive as well as compliant, and are about the client and their requirement as well as yourself.

Many of the rules that apply to good tendering and bid preparation apply to submitting grant applications. Issues like analysing and understanding the requirement, attention to detail, determining the structure of the response, ensuring the response complies with the requirements and of course, presentation and persuasive writing.

Adam has successfully drafted grant applications for both commercial and not-for-profit organisations, he is full of surprises, vast and diverse knowledge and experience, he has come on as our lead in the “Funding working group”

Adam Gordon
Catalyst Consulting International Pty. Ltd.
Tel: 02 6646 1474
Mobile: 0413 120 480