The Yamba Climate

There is but a single word for Yamba’s climate – perfection.

Situated in Tropical Northern NSW, Yamba along with two other coastal areas on the world map have been declared by CSIRO and Stanford University as having the best climate in the world (along with San Diego, California and Bunbury in WA) to work, live or play.

Typical summer temperatures vary from 19 to 30 degrees C while in winter it ranges from 10 to 20 degrees C. The average rainfall is 1447 mm with a mild monsoon season from February through to April.

In Yamba there is never a wrong time of the year to throw some more of those famous, ocean fresh Yamba prawns on the barbecue.

During the winter Yamba is much quieter than during the peak summer months and there are an endless succession of sunny, windless days to enjoy river, beach and sporting clubs.

In the summer the nor’easter arrives most days around noon and cools the town off in a far more effective and pleasant manner than air-conditioning could.

People swim in the ocean at Yamba all year round, and in fact the water is often warmer in July than it is in February due to a warm current finding its way down the coast at that time.


Yamba has a population of 7,000 people which more than doubles during the January school holidays. The population has been increasing over the past few years at a steady 5% and the tourist population has been doing likewise as the holiday accommodation on offer to the discerning traveller is increasing in both quality and numbers.

Many people from bigger cities and the hinterland have chosen to make Yamba their retirement homes in order to take advantage of its laid back life-style and its gentle climate. With beaches, fishing, bowls, golf, walking, two new clubs, fine and casual dining and an ever increasing improvement in health, shopping, and other facilities, Yamba is not the place to sit around wondering how to fill in the days.