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Contact: Geoff Edwards
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Applied Resolution Technologies applies its expertise to combining laser technologies, mechanical and optical design, electronic functionality and safe application features into products that meet the requirements of numerous applications.  ART products range from Intrinsically Safe systems for use in hazardous environments such as underground coal mining and oil&gas, to systems used for fencing alignment, conveyor alignment and medical applications.
ART is a developer and manufacturer of laser products.  We manufacture all products right here in Australia.  ART products are manufactured to meet the tough requirements of our clients, and our new products include SMART and innovative features that provide enhanced productivity to your applications.
  • Conveyor alignment systems
  • NEW IECEx SIM 13.0005 Certification UPDATES
  • All products are Class 2 or Class 2M, appropriately Classified.
  • New GREEN direct diode laser systems.
  • All new model lasers have sensor-enabling modulation
  • BLX-635S lasers now suitable for 500m +++ with new optics
  • Talk to us about Intrinsically Safe Coal Conveyor Alignment kits


ART is currently launching a new range of smART Laser Products for Laser Therapy, Veterinary and Agricultural applications. At the same time, ART is developing new smART systems for conveyor alignment and fencing alignment.  Contact us to find out more.
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Lot 521 Sullivans Road Yamba NSW 2464