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Professional print design and web design for desktop and mobile devices Contact: Adam Woodleigh
Business 52 Clarence Street Yamba NSW 2464 Mobile: 0407 336 988 Website: Visit – Redalfalfa Graphic Design


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At Redalfalfa we love working with other businesses and people, sharing our knowledge and our specialised set of skills, to assist them in achieving their own goals.

Redalfalfa Graphic Design is owned and operated by senior graphic designer Adam Woodleigh who has over 20 years experience in the industry, specialising in print design, web design, logos, branding and illustration. Adam has built a reputation on being a hard working, reliable and creative designer providing professional and creative solutions for large multi-national organisations, government agencies and small businesses.

No matter how big or how small your project is, we’ll help you turn it into a great one with our extensive experience and our complete range of design services.

  • Professional print design
  • Web design for desktop and mobile devices
  • Business branding solutions
  • Social media
  • Custom illustration
  • Photo retouching
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